Pontoons for sale - new

Pontoon Replacements

From Jordan Marine LLC

Jordan Marine can build a set of replacement pontoons for your pontoon houseboat or barge.  Your craft will glide over the water with a set of our pontoons.


The nose cones are heavily reinforced with angle iron.  Nose cones take a beating and need the extra strength.  Each nose cone is equipped with a heavy steel towing ring.

Pontoons are sandblasted then covered with two thick coats of marine grade coal tar epoxy paint.  Pontoons may be purchased with no surface preparation at a reduced price.  Other coatings are available. 

Pontoons are constructed of 14 gauge steel.  Pontoons have water tight baffles every four feet making them virtually unsinkable.  Pontoons are pressure tested for leaks.


You may choose the length and diameter of your pontoons.  Standard diameters are 23 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches.

Pontoons may be purchased with or without mounting brackets.  In some cases we can install your pontoons for you.

Jordan Marine LLC

Florien, LA

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